L – Black Chokeberry


Aronia melanocarpa

Native: White flowers in the spring are followed by handsome purplish black fruits later in the year. These healthy berries have the highest antioxidant activity of any fruit (approximately 3 times that of blueberries).  Glossy green foliage turns wine-red in the fall. Because of suckering and its tolerance to wet soils, this species is used in mass plantings, naturalized gardens, for erosion control, in windbreaks, and in landscapes with excessively wet soils. Berries are consumed by 24 different species of wildlife, but less preferred by deer.


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18-24″ bare root / 3 per packet

Growth Rate: Slow
Full to part shade
Height & Spread:
Showy white blooms in May
Maintenance: Low
Suggested Use:
Hedge, Naturalize, Rain Garden
Prefers wet soils – good for pond & stream margins
Suckering habit
Wildlife Benefits:
Food source for birds and small mammals, cover and nesting for birds