E – Black Willow


Salix nigra

Native Species: One of the world’s largest willows when mature, black willow is so-named for its dark ebony bark. It is also the most common willow in Ohio, found in wet, swampy areas and along streambanks. A wonderful choice for streambank erosion protection due to its ability to grow durable and large root systems very quickly. Birds eat the catkins, and other animals eat the bark and twigs. Many willows (Salix species) have bitter-tasting bark that contains derivatives of salicylic acid, the main compound in aspirin. On the down side, willow roots can get into sewer/septic lines and are prone to storm damage… be careful where you plant it!

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18-24″ bare root / 3 per packet
Mature Height: 30-60′
Prefers wet soils, can tolerate semi-dry
Rapid Growth
Suckers excessively