B – Dawn Redwood


Metasequoia glyptostroboides

This non-native* member of the Cypress family is a glorious landmark in any large-scale setting. It has deciduous needles which it sheds each Autumn. It loves moist to wet soils, so it’s a natural choice for a waterside planting, and poor soil drainage is a godsend to its thirsty roots. As you might expect, it is not drought-tolerant, particularly when young, so take care to select a spot that acquires constant moisture with or without your intervention!
                       *Thought extinct until 1941, the endangered Dawn Redwood once blanketed Eastern North America (some 35 million years ago!)

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12-18″ bare root / 3 Per Packet

Sunlight: Full sun
Growth Rate: Fast (Up to 2’ per year)
Mature Height: 70-100’
Mature Spread: 15-25’
Shape: Pyramidal
Soil Type: Prefers moist to wet, acidic soils