K – Arrowwood Viburnum


Viburnum dentatum

Native: A dainty but durable shrub that fits well in woodland gardens and  mixed shrub borders. Great for replacing invasive bush honeysuckle. The flowers attract pollinators, and the blue-black berries attract game birds, songbirds and small mammals. Host plant for the Spring Azure Butterfly and provides nesting sites for songbirds. Two plants are necessary to produce berries. Prune this shrub right after flowering, as flower buds form in summer for the following year.


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18-24″ bare root, 3/packet
Mature Height
: 12-16′

Habit: Rounded, multi-stemmed, upright branching, arching
Sun: Full to part shade, thrives in filtered light
Moisture: Drought tolerant once established
Flowers: Mid-Spring, flat topped clusters of white flowers
Lustrous, dark-green foliage turns yellow to wine-red in Fall