xG-4 Zinnia Profusion Series Mix


Annual: ​Single flower zinnias attract and benefit pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Monarch butterflies in particular love these brightly colored zinnias, pollinating them and using them for food. Single flowers – those with one ring of petals – provide more nectar and pollen than double flowers, in which extra petals have replaced pollen-laden anthers. This zinnia series puts up with stressful conditions, and flowers its head off – it’s a truly carefree choice for beds, naturalizing and containers.

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  • Annual, but can self seed
  • Pollinator plant
  • Grows to 18″ tall x 23″ wide
  • Easy to grow
  • Full sun
  • Blooms all summer
  • Drought tolerant
  • Space 12-18″ apart


Additional information

Bee Balm

Sun Exposure: Full, Partial
Soil Moisture: Medium to Dry
Height: To 4 feet
Bloom Time: Early July for 3 Weeks
Bloom Color: Purple
Deer Resistance: High